Self Realization, Deeper Intimacy and, YES… Better Sex!



Relationships, Love, Intimacy, Sex & Spirituality... 

... it can all be overwhelming!

Connection & Communication are not always simple

and that  can make Intimacy difficult to navigate.

Do you long for a romantic partner to share in life with?

Are you craving more intimacy and passion in your relationship?


Do you want to open up the lines of communication and find deeper connection ?

Do you wonder if there's more? 

​Have you wondered if there is a way to have passionate, fulfilling

and mind-blowing sex, yet still have it be sacred and even spiritual? 

 Are you looking for a way to heal and overcome

sexual dysfunction such as ED, PE, inability to orgasm and feelings of shame?

​Are you seeking self discovery and enlightenment...

a way to deepen your current spiritual practice?

Elemental Tantra

Are you searching for help in the areas of Intimacy & Relationships?  Would you like to learn about Tantra, the power you have within you, a deeper spiritual practice, semen retention, bigger better orgasms, and much more?  Then I invite you to explore this site, read some articles, and read a bit about how my own journey and experience have equipped me with the tools and the deep desire to help others.   I would Love to hear from you! 

​~ Alana Dayne