Elemental Tantra is a beautiful union

of ancient tried and true teachings and modern methods designed to fit into your lifestyle.

Find the power within you  to transform how you view and live life, your perception of yourself

and everything around you.

This is not a "surface therapy, but a system that brings about deep connection, compassion and Self-Love.

It has the power to transform you and all aspects of your Life!.

It is healing from within, where true freedom begins.

  My experience based guidance combined with powerful Tantric and Taoist methods allow me to authentically inspire and coach men and women to cultivate deeply intimate, truly enriching, and spiritually rewarding relationships with themselves, their partners and everyone around them.

Heal Body, Mind and Soul by awakening and embracing the Power Within You!

Alana & Tantra

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I am a  Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Tantrika and Healing Practitioner certified in Authentic Tantra and specializing in 5 Element

Tibetan Tantra in the Shangpa Kagyu tradition.  This form of Tantra is referred to as “The Swift Path” and I have

experienced first hand how it transforms and enriches our lives as human beings, bringing us to new levels of pleasure, awakening and healing.

As many of us, I was searching, seeking...  for something ..... not even knowing what IT was.  As a young adult, I was paralyzed for a while by the thought of learning and practicing "the wrong thing."  Seriously.   I knew from an early age that I was happiest when I was giving and helping.  But how?  While going through my second divorce and living in Central America, the "right things" found me and I was led on a journey of learning  and discovery, of myself and the universe around me.  I  finally realized my path as a practitioner of healing arts.  I feel very blessed to have had instruction and teachings from different genres of spirituality and healing.  These include  intuitive energy work, massage, yoga, sound healing and shamanism.   I did feel, however, that there was something missing, something more for me to learn and share, something bigger

When I discovered Tantra I immediately recognized it as the authentic and powerful path  I  was searching for.  Learning and practicing Tantra and Taoist sexual yoga gave me the confirmation I needed that the orgasmic energy I was feeling and experiencing was not only real, but it was a very powerful force, the most powerful energy within us in fact!   And now I was given the tools to heal others as well as myself in the best possible way!  It truly is "healing from within." 

I am a guide and teacher of sacred sexuality and orgasmic transformation.  My own personal Tantra practice,

spiritual & sexual awakening, and life journey enable me to use experience-based guidance coupled with

powerful Tantra techniques and practices to help you in your journey of awakening and liberation. 

Want to know more?  Contact meand I will be happy to share more and answer your questions.