As human being we have "Blocks to Bliss" that we store in our cellular tissue.   ED, PE, and inability to orgasm can all be overcome.

Through  Intimacy exercises,Tantric  methods, somatic healing,  and meditation along with other healing modalities, we will work together to help you reach your goal.  As human beings, we all hold blocks within us - Blocks that may have been created by

past relationships, cultural conditioning, religion, or abuse.

Contact me and we can discuss how Tantric communication, connection & ancient pleasure

secrets can improve your sex life & your entire life!

The Multi-orgasmic Woman is Empowered by her Sensuality and Sexuality and it translates into how she lives her life, her self expression and self worth. 

Did you know that female bodies are capable of  11 or more types of Orgasm! 

Learn how to cultivate these ialong with prolonged and extended orgasm that lead to Ecstatic Bliss, Healing and mind-blowing orgasms.

Learn the Art of Yoni Massage for your self-connection, empowerment and pleasure and also for your partner to increase your intimacy and connection.

Male bodies are capable of over 8 different types or orgasm AND you are capable of prolonged and extended orgasm that can take you to ecstatic states of Ultimate Bliss.

The Tibetan master say that every orgasm is a glimpse of Enlightenment, wouldn't it be nice to feel more of that, more often and for longer periods of time?

Learn the art of Tantric Lingam Massage and how to cultivate more than 8 different kinds of orgasm within yourself AND your partner.

LGBT Intimacy and Orgasmic Awareness