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Counseling, Coaching & Tantra

You have come here searching for something...

... help with Intimacy, your relationship, finding someone special, a way to deepen your current meditation practice, or perhaps you simply desire more passion and better sex!

As a coach and certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner in the Shangpa Kaygu lineage, I use a "wholistic" approach to Body, Mind and Soul healing.   My methods and tutoring include 5-Element Tibetan Tantra, Taoist Sexual Yoga, Intuitive energy work,  Non-violent communication techniques, and somatic healing to help guide you on a path to a more blissful existence.

My clients thrive in a safe, intimate and nurturing environment that is also fun and exciting!   I assist couples, men and women of all sexual orientations and all age groups to realize their full potential as human beings and to awaken the true, authentic self... the true orgasmic self.

Blocks to Bliss:  My experience based guidance can assist in healing deep emotional and sexual trauma that we refer to as “Blocks to Bliss”  which may be conrtibuting to sexual dysfunction and preventing you from experiencing your true potential.  You have the power within you to overcome these .  I can help you find it.

Heal yourself.  Heal your Relationships.  Enjoy Life!

Private sessions start at $80/session.

Contact me at  and let's get started!

Partner Practice & Play
For Men

"Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”​​   ~ Rumi