​​​​​​Higher.  Bigger.  Better.

Your orgasmic potential is soooo much greater than you have been led to believe!

Cultural and religious conditioning set upon us by society have implied, and even outright stated, that men get that one, simple (and short) ejaculatory orgasm and that's it.   Like a sneeze … “aaaah – chooo!” - and it's done, gone, over.

You have this fleeting feeling of timeless-ness, of  “otherworldly-ness”…  of bliss.  

However, you don't even have a moment to fully grasp it or understand that state of BE-ing!

Oh, and since childhood, we are also taught to believe that this brief orgasm is meant for procreation​​ but not for pleasure, healing or enlightenment…. AND that masturbation is bad and shameful.  


Don't get me wrong, I know that sneeze can feel pretty good!  

But what if I told you that you are capable of more?   That there is so much more for you to explore in the world of orgasm and pleasure for yourself as a man?   What if your orgasm could be extended, and not only that – what if you could have

bigger, prolonged orgasms and not feel tired or “depleted” after?  

What if these blissful orgasms were the key to better health and longevity?  

What if you could heal the body, mind and soul by uniting your sexuality with your spirituality?  

What if you could go for hours, pleasing and orgasming and sharing along with your partner? 

Overcoming Blocks to Bliss (ED, PE, porn addiction & more)

In this 3-session course you will find it easy to step out of your comfort zone and express yourself without judgment

or shame with a nurturing and supportive coach. 

I will give you the tools and personal support to help you overcome sexual dysfunction (PE, ED, porn addiction and more).   

Simply and effectively without medication or conventional "therapy."

I will walk you through techniques and methods step-by-step and you will find they become natural and easy. 

These will include "inner muscle yoga" exercises, visualizations and learning a new form of stimulation and focus. 

I will work with you to practically integrate them into your life.

You will heal yourself naturally and permanently.

What would this be worth to you?  How would this change and improve YOUR Life? 

3-session course (sessions are approximately 1.5 hours each)
In-person: $29900 CDN
Via Skype: $222.00 CDN​

* contact for more fee options

Cultivating the Multi-orgasmic Man (not experiencing any sexual dysfunction such as ED or PE)

3-session course (each session 1-1.25 hours)

I will give you the basic tools, coaching and support for you to begin cultivating multi-orgasmic states. This will include:

  • Ancient Tantric secrets to lasting longer through  semen-retention and separating orgasm from ejaculation

  • The anatomy of male orgasm - the science of orgasm as it pertains to the nervous system

  • How to let go of generations of conditioning (that all of us hold) in order to heal and clear wounding and blocks to discover and allow for over 8 different types of orgasm for men

  • How the benefits of these can enrich your life and your relationships

In-person: $299.00
Via Skype: $222.00

* Contact for more fee options

Uniting your Spirituality and your Sexuality

In this course we will take things to the next level and includes one of the above courses.

Through Tantric Elemental meditations and practices you will exercise and realize the connection of your sex,

your soul, and your spirit.

In this course you will:

  • Discover how Tantric orgasmic states work with your physical body and your energy body.

  • Learn to use Tantric meditations sexually and non-sexually.

  • Learn how cultivating your orgasmic energy spiritually can bring you to higher states of awareness, healing and consciousness.

  • Discover a higher and more joyful state of BE-ing!

This course must be done over a period of at least 6-weeks, with time in between formal sessions for your own at-home practice or “homework.”   We will work together and determine your session schedule and practice in accordance with your experience and progress.

In person: $449.00 CAD

Via Skype: $344.00

* Courses include written materials, PDFs, MP3 recordings, and ongoing support and coaching from Alana.

** Individual sessions available and start at $80/hour

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Improve joint health!

Would you like to  learn more about Tantra and have questions?

Would you like to talk with someone freely and openly about what is going on in your life,

with your body, about your relationship?

Do you find difficulty dating or even speaking to someone you may be attracted to?

Are you having issues with Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation

or issues with stamina?

Would you like to become a Master in the bedroom?

Then let's talk!

I am an experienced Tantra teacher, Relationship coach, and guide of Sacred Sexuality.  Whether you are looking for help in resolving issues with ED, PE or performance, porn addiction,  or if you want to learn how to experience more pleasure for yourself and your partner – you will benefit greatly  from the practices I will share with you.

I will help guide you through methods and techniques, including ancient Tantric practices  for building sexual energy, strength and stamina, as well as healing sexual and emotional blocks for yourself and your partner that may be preventing you from experiencing your true pleasure potential and ultimate orgasmic states. 

Are you searching for a sacred sexual practice and a way to bring your sexuality and spirituality together?  Lean how to become a Mulit-orgasmic Man by practicing ancient secrets and modern techniques to semen-retention.   These practices have been passed down through thousands of years and are now being made available for men who want to reach higher enlightened states though orgasm bliss.

Coming Soon!    How to ignite the passion in your female partner to bring her to multiple & mind-blowing orgasmic states.  (*Pre-requisite will be one of the above courses)

"As an experienced Tantrika, I  understand  the challenges men today face when it comes to intimacy and your masculinity.   In my experience I have discovered that in our society there is an unfortunate lack of support and empathy for men's sexuality, your emotionality, your need for intimacy,

your desires.  Especially when it comes to you being able to express yourself freely in this regard! 

It's time for that to change."

Wisdom & Healing for Men