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"I am really pleased that I connected with Alana. She has helped me to open up and embrace my sexuality. It's an on going journey of self discovery, and with Alana's knowledge and support, I have moved through mountains. I am a "late bloomer" who is learning that it is never too late!  Thank you Alana."  ~ Marilynn V.

"I'm not good with words at all, but I loved and enjoyed your workshop and think every woman should take it. 
I am excited to take the men's massage one in the fall!  ~ Celia M.

"I was so nervous when I had my consultation with Alana, but she put me at ease right away.  As a victim of sexual assault I felt that I still had underying shame and guilt ,that I knew logically were unfounded, but still it was there after years of conventional "therapy".  With Alana's help and guidance and the practices she taught me, I am starting to love myself again and to open my heart.  She even helped me with my on-line profile and I have started to date again!  I can't express my gratitude enough.  Thank You!" ~ Lorna S.

"Menopause.  I tried to talk to my doctor about solutions for my post-menopausal symptoms that included lack of libido.  She told me that "It's just the way it is after menopause".  So, for a while I just accepted that.   But then a friend in B.C. told me to look into something called "Tantra", which I had never ever heard of.  So I searched online and I found some interesting stuff!   Then I found Alana's website.  I am so happy I did!  I learned that my doctor is wrong - it does NOT have to be that way!   Now I feel more sensual and alive than I ever have before!  My libido is back stronger than ever and you know who is even more happy and excited than me?  My loving, wonderful husband!  (who is also starting his own Tantra work now!)  If you have any apprehension about trying this, just talk to Alana and ask her questions.  Tantra is not "kinky sex"- it is an amazing gift!  ~ Ruth R.​

When I went to Alana, I thought I was going for help for one thing in a narrower context. Little did I know the world she would open up for me in a wider context, much wider than the world that we commonly experience.  The sessions provided a base for deeper and more gratifying experiences for myself, not only of the personal  tantric experiences, but also of the everyday world.  Alana taught not only the methods of practice, but more importantly, by her example.  Being an example is the best teacher.  Thank you very much, Alana!  ~ Mr. S.​

"We wanted to do something new and fun together, something out of the ordinary.  We had heard of Tantra and found Alana on-line so thought it would be something to explore.  We both thought that we were pretty good at the intimacy thing and our sex life was decent.  Wow! Some of the things we discovered about ourselves were so surprising!  With Alana's guidance and support (via Skype & phone) we came to a whole new level of connection and understanding and exploration.  Our regular “Tantric Temple Nights” together are something we really look forward to! We both feel more energized and more sexy too!  And even our friends have commented on how “loving” we are with each other. So happy that we took the time to do this! Thank you Alana! "

~ Samantha & Beth

“Alana is a gifted therapist and healer. I felt respected, safe and professionally guided during my sessions. Her expertise allowed for my emotional release, personal transformation and deep spiritual connection. Thanks Alana, I am Forever Grateful!”          

~ Gina

Alana is the real thing. She combines great skill with being a kind, loving and caring person. I wholeheartedly recommend you talk to her about your mind, body and spirit life's path. She can help you. ~ Stuart

"I'm a very shy person by nature so when I first saw Alana I was intimidated by her beauty but she quickly made me feel comfortable and safe. She is very knowledgeable and you can tell she truly cares about helping people, I am very grateful she chose her path to help others. I highly recommend Alana".  ~ Richard