The Benefits of Semen Retention

by Devi Ward

There is quite a lot of controversy these days regarding the benefits of frequent ejaculation vs.semen retention.

A recent study suggests that frequent ejaculation may prevent men from developing prostate cancer,

though there does seem to be some question regarding the validity of the results, as men in their forties and fifties

were asked to recall ejaculation frequency during their twenties.

Some researchers doubt the accuracy of the mens’ reports, given the significant length of time that had passed between their actual sexual activity, and the questionnaire.

The study also fails to take into account major contributing health factors such as diet, exercises, weight, alcohol & drug habits. Keep in mind as well, that this is the same western medical society that does not acknowledge the existence of the female g-spot.

(Having myself supported many women in the successful reawakening of their g-spot, I tend to take sexual “studies” by western medicine with a grain of salt.)

Sadly, there are very few articles written about the concrete, tangible, mental, emotional, and physiological benefits of semen retention on a man’s health. I know many men who practice the art of semen retention, and rave about the benefits, and one student went so far as to write a personal testimonial about the beneficial effects of semen retention.

Due to my profession, I regularly witness the radically positive and life transformative effects that semen retention has on men, and their partners.

Below are 5 concrete, tangible, mental, emotional, and physiological benefits of regular semen retention for men, that are personally & scientifically verifiable. *Links to the sources are provided within the content.

#1) Sexual Stamina- Lasting longer is a topic that is near and dear to the heart of many men. The first aspect of semen retention for men, is simply learning to control involuntary ejaculation. By using Authentic Tantric semen retention methods, men can learn to manage their sexual response, and condition their bodies so that sexual stimulation can last for as long as they choose.

This contributes to the mental and emotional health of a man by giving him a sense of personal empowerment in regards to his sexuality, and a deeper sense of self-confidence, knowing that he can sexually satisfy his partner.

#2) The Multi-Orgasmic Man– Men are capable of being just as multi-orgasmic as any woman, but not if they ejaculate! As we all know, men generally roll over and fall asleep after their first ejaculation, with a few rare men being able to rally for a second or third round. But with the correct application of semen retention methods, men can have full, whole -body, multiple orgasms, with each one rolling continuously into the next. (Keep in mind that orgasm & ejaculation are actually 2 separate functions of the nervous system.) Some of these orgasms can last for several minutes (We recently filmed Authentic Tantra™ Educator, Jacques Drouin having a 2:33 minute orgasm!)

#3) Increased Sex Drive– A fairly recent study from China shows that Semen Retention Increases Testosterone Levels by 45.7% after 7 days! Wow! Testosterone is intricately linked to sex drive & sexual response in men. According to Daniel Reid, Author of “The Tao of Health Sex & Longevity” -‘ Semen essence is the fuel that drives male sexuality. It is the source not only of physical capacity for sex, but also of sexual interest and emotional affection for the opposite gender.’

Thus – ‘A man who maintains consistently high levels of testosterone, sperm, semen, and other male essences by practicing ejaculatory control will experience an overwhelming enhancement in his love and affection for his woman. He will also gain the capacity to act upon that loving urge over and over again.’ Good news for your partner!

#4) Physical Vitality- It is a well known fact that high performance athletes are discouraged from sexual activity the night or morning before a big game. This is due to the noticeable sensation of physical depletion that usually follows an ejaculatory orgasm. This may be due to the high concentration of vital essences found in semen. 

“An ounce of semen is considered to be equal in value to sixty ounces of blood, of which it constitutes an extract of some of its most valuable of constituents.” In Tibetan medicine, it is said that “seven drops of the vital essence of food are required to produce one drop of the vital essence of blood. And it takes one cup of the vital essence of blood to produce one drop of the vital essence of semen.” By this measure, semen is literally more precious than blood!

*With this being the case, I find it interesting that men & women are only able to donate blood once every 6 weeks, yet it is considered normal and “healthy” in western medicine & sexology for a man to ejaculate as often as every day!

Some men have also remarked upon noticeable differences in relationship to weight lifting and body building due to the practice of semen retention. One man remarks “I’m trying to understand how I gained 30lb’s muscle “only” after I stopped ejaculating during sex and relished in the orgasm alone? Yes, It makes the sex last longer (hours) – – but the real benefit besides satisfying the women is enhanced physique, body, and mental agility.”

#5) Mental Clarity- Dr. Raymond W. Bernard MD recently stated in the article ‘Science Discovers the Physiological Value of Continence’; “Semen contains substances of high physiological value, especially in relation to the nutrition of the brain and nervous system.”

This same article states “There is a remarkable similarity of chemical composition between the semen and the central nervous system, both being especially rich in lecithin, cholesterin and phosphorus compounds, which would indicate that seminal emissions withdraw from the body substances necessary for the nutrition of nervous tissues.”

Ancient Taoists have proclaimed the benefits of semen retention for male health & longevity for centuries. Taoist Sexual Master Mantak Chia has stated that when men retain their semen during sexual activity, their brain energy increases 2x’s!

All of this being said, it is important for men to ejaculate sometimes. Obviously if you are attempting to conceive a child, there will be some periods when it is necessary to ejaculate with a degree of frequency. But even at those times, it is recommended by experts to refrain from frequent ejaculation between lovemaking sessions.

Natural Health Consultant,  and Tantra practitioner,Jacques Drouin, recommends an ejaculation frequency of once every 6 weeks for his male students, over the age of 35. He says that “initially it takes a good 6 weeks for the body to begin to regenerate after a lifetime of chronic, unregulated ejaculation, and for male power to really begin to build.”

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