Self Confidence. 

Strength and Empowerment. 

Self Love ...  

... and the big "O"

​​So what's the correlation?

    As women in this time we have more opportunities, options and dreams available to us than ever before.

    In manifesting our goals in regards to work, family, motherhood and relationships in general, we sometimes forget and ignore our personal self-care and our femininity.   To be fully-realized, powerful and radiant beings, we need to embrace our sensuality and our sexuality – this is where our stongest power lies!   So how can we be the respected business women, the rock, the “power house” so to speak, without giving up our femininity?

    No matter age or body type, by discovering and embracing our orgasmic energy, we can awaken and heal our mind, body and spirit through clearing blocks caused by trauma and wounding (we ALL have this).  By cultivating  our ultimate Feminine Power Within  ​we cqn fully realize and live in our own strength and  with discerning wisdom.   We can live truly ecstatic lives full of vibrancy and bliss! 

    Some unfortunate facts:

    • As many as 70% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse.
    • More than 43% of women report some type of sexual dysfunction.
    • 80% of women have faked orgasms, and many report doing so regularly

    Lack of motivation and purpose, feeling uninspired and unmotivated, stuck in old and dysfunctional patterns, lack of passion and libido,  feeling a lack of vitality, frustrated and restless.  Depression and irritability.    If these are some of the symptoms you are experiencing, you are not alone.

    Difficulty with orgasm and intimacy can be frustrating, but there are solutions.   I facilitate a safe, educational and supportive environment where you can talk openly and explore somatic healing methods that can assist you in becoming a Vibrant and Sensual women, and live a harmonious life with Joyful Purpose.

    You are Ready.  It is time.  Contact me and we can take the first steps.

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