So what is Tantra, really?

Well, first of all, Tantra is a phrase that seems to be tossed around freely to describe many things these days.

You will find ads for "Tantric massage" in many adult publications that are merely a sensual massage for

men that include a "happy ending" - most do not involve a ounce of anything Tantric.

​It is so important to clarify the form of Tantra being taught or practiced!

​You may find videos from people claiming to do Tantra teaching or Tantra sessions, that often involve

getting intimate and sometimes even naked with the "teacher" in order to heal or "open the sexual channels."

​In fact to say that "Tantra is this..." or "Tantra is that..." is impossible.  That is like saying that long distance running is the only form of exercise or that Bikram yoga is the only form of yoga.

    Neo Tantra describes a "new age" form of Tantra that is often described as "sacred sex" and always involves sex or sexuality.

Traditional Tantra stems from lineage based teachings and practices and can all be traced back to their origins in India thousands of years ago.  From there evolved different lineages of Indian and Tibetan Tantra. 

Traditional lineage based Tantra in itself is a non-sexual spiritual practice, however

these methods can be applied sexually by the practitioner if they so desire.

Authentic Tantra TM, is a healing modality rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings of

Tibetan Buddhism.   This lineage can be traced back to 2600 years of

direct teacher-to-student instruction.  Tantra is described in Tibetan Tantra as the practice of
"Weaving light and sound with form."

These practices and teachings are woven into a holistic set of sexual and non-sexual methods to create a powerful and effective modality for  healing and life transformation.

These methods are designed to cut through the layers of wounding, ignorance and cultural conditioning- healing past mental, emotional and physical traumas, and allowing you to effortlessly access more pleasure, peace, joy and fearless self-expression in every area of your life - sexually and non sexually.

Authentic Tantra is a powerful tool, a channel for Transfomational Healing and Growth. 

It focuses the mind and body to cultivate Chi (life force energy), awareness and ultimately bliss.  It engages all of our senses and is a path that can change how we perceive Everything! 

While being rooted in ancient Buddhist practices, Authentic Tantra is not a religion and can be

incorporated into almost any lifestyle.

Catalyzing profound healing and transformation in the areas of sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth,

these are some of the most authentic and powerful Tantric teachings.  

  Considered the "Swift Path", these ancient methods  are being made available to us for the purpose of self-awareness and enlightenment  (freedom from suffering).  By cultivating the 4 pillars  of Authentic Tantrain our lives we can

bring ourselves into a more open and present state of grace and love.

Contact Alana for a free information consultation. 

Whether you are looking for healing, enlightenment or just better sex and intimacy. 

You ill be so happy you did!

Authentic Tantra LLC

"Weaving Light & Sound with Form"

The healing power of the Tibetan Five Element Practices has been demonstrated for thousands of years.These methods are as potent and effective today as they ever have been.
We invite you to experience them for yourself with our Tantra Education Programs

Please note ~ Authentic Tantra was formerly known as “Tibetan Tantra” until July 2016.  The name “Tibetan Tantra” was meant to distinguish this style of sexual and non sexual Tantric practice from other styles of Tantra being practiced in the West, which are primarily based on Hindu or Taoist style Tantra. There are many subtle but very significant differences between Indian/Hindu based Tantric practices and Tibetan based Tantric practices, and we strive to educate our students and the general public about these important variances. ~ Authentic Tantra

What is Authentic Tantra?